6 Simple Steps to Doing your Own PCB Assembly

pcb  designHave you ever wondered if it’s possible to do your own PCB assembly? A printed circuit board (PCB) is basically a copper sheet layer made up of electronic components. It can be purchased in any electrical and computer centers. However, if you’re the type of person who is passionate about electronics and you intend to try doing things on your own, you might prefer to just build it yourself.

If you are planning to do PCB assembly, just follow this quick guide to get started:

1.Paste Stenciling

The materials you’ll need for this process are metal stencil, solder paste, and metal squeegee. Solder paste is basically made from a combination of different metals such as tin, silver and copper. It is best to store the paste in a cool place.

Any cheap brand of leaded paste can be used. If you want to achieve a high quality result, then use the lead-free solder paste.

Prepare a metal stencil which you will use as a guide in the application of solder paste. You can opt to solder-paste each PCB board or a panel board of PCB. Lay your board and put the stencil on top, making sure that the stencil is properly positioned. Then, apply the paste over the stencil using the metal squeegee.

2.Placement of Components

You will need your electronic components and tweezers for this process. Also, it will require a lot of focus and patience to correctly place the components.

To do this, use the tweezers to manually place all the components on top of the soldered board.


To complete this stage of PCB assembly, a reflow oven or your own do-it-yourself toaster oven that can reach 250 degrees Celsius is needed.

Reflow is the process of exposing the board to alternating warm and cool temperatures. This will ensure that solder paste creates a solid finish. The reflow oven is set to 250 degrees Celsius. As the PCB panel moves through the oven in a varying temperature ranges, the solder paste will melt.

Once the paste is melted, the electronic components will automatically stick to the PCB. Examine the board and see if every component is neatly soldered.

4.Manual Solder

Make sure to prepare the tools needed for this step: soldering iron, brass sponge, metal helping hands, PCB, and solder.

You will need to solder the plated through-hole (PTH) in your board by hand. Take your board and clip it with the use of metal helping hands. This is to ensure that your board is in place during the soldering process. While soldering, remember to heat both the solder pin and the board to avoid clumping.


To start the assessment, visual inspection should be done first to ensure that all electronic parts are appropriately placed on the board and that solders are neatly pasted.

If the board seems to have no issues, it’s time to test the PCB in terms of voltage output, pin voltages, and overall connection. Check that your own PCB assembly output is completely and electronically operational.


This part is highly necessary when you intend to sell your PCB. Usually, producing electronics in large numbers requires the use of machinery. If in any case you do not own a dishwasher for electronics, then all you need is a stainless steel pot and deionized water. You can just literally dunk your board in the water.

If you do not have these things, a q-tip and a sufficient amount of isopropyl alcohol will be a great alternative. To dry the water, simply use a fan or compressed air.

Now that you’ve learned about how to do your own PCB assembly, start creating one!

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Different Types of Funeral Services

When a loved one passes away, things become hard for the family. Time is needed to recover from their loss, and that is why funeral services are held to commemorate and help in the acceptance and healing process. There are different types of funeral services – traditional or complete, memorial, graveside, complete cremation, and immediate disposition.


Traditional funeral services are the most common type of service done for the deceased. Embalming is needed for the remains since the viewing may take a few days to a week, and it is required by law that all bodies placed for viewing for more than 12 hours need to be embalmed.

funeralDuring the public viewing, the casket can be opened or closed – it all depends on the discretion of the family. The viewing can be done at home, at a chapel, or at a funeral home. After the viewing, a procession to the cemetery may occur, and the casket may be carried by a hearse.

A memorial or commemorative service can be done on the grave if deemed necessary by the family. They can also choose whether they want their loved one to be buried above ground or on ground level. If the body is going to be ground-buried, a grave liner is required to hold the earths’ weight.

This is considered an expensive type of service since it requires a casket, burial clothes, viewing location, embalming, cemetery crypt or plot, transport vehicles, flowers, funeral goods, and certain services.


Graveside services are a commemorative service done prior to the burial, either on the gravesite or at the chapel. Here’s something not many know about a graveside service – it doesn’t have to be part of the funeral, meaning it can be given its own schedule.


Memorial services are done when there is no body for viewing. These are often done when the body was buried immediately, cremated, or was not recovered or found. If cremated, an urn will be presented instead of a casket.


A complete cremation service follows the same process as the traditional service. The only difference is that there is no burial that will follow after the viewing, instead the body will be cremated. Caskets are either rented out or special cremation caskets are bought instead of the traditional caskets.

The ashes of the deceased can be placed in an urn to be kept in their homes, in a cemetery plot, or in a columbarium. If the deceased or the family wishes the ashes to be scattered in a special place instead, a permit must first be acquired. Do keep in mind though, that while cremation is often perceived as cost friendly, it still entails certain fees most of the time.

Immediate Disposition

Immediate disposition is a non-commemorative funeral. The deceased is either cremated, buried, or the body is donated to medical science as soon as possible after death. There are no funeral services done to remember the life of the deceased.

However, there are special ceremonies done during the funeral service when the deceased is part of a special organization such as the military or the police. There are times when these funeral services are not done and followed because of the family’s religious customs and beliefs, as well as their cultural traditions.

Wakes have been held since the ancient times because it is a custom to watch the deceased before burial to make sure that no one’s being buried alive by mistake, or in hopes that the deceased will “wake up” once more. Having a wake is an important step for families, as it helps them accept death and facilitates the healing process.

Helping The Body Lose Weight With HCG Drops

There are several things that you can do right now to help your body lose weight. You may not know what they are, but they can definitely come through and give you a fighting chance if you are paying close attention. Most people give up on the fight to lose weight because things can get difficult to traverse. Think about the diets and exercise plans that are touted on television today, for example, and you’ll see that they increase exponentially in price and commitment. If you’re not ready to take on a herculean process, then don’t. What you need to look into is something that is going to give you a helping hand in creating leverage and that means working within the boundaries of several elements. You need exercise, diet, and hcg drops, as well as other supplements to help the body make gains with relative ease.

Boosting The Body

HCG dropsFirst and foremost, you absolutely need to look into the world of weight loss from different angles. Do not just look at it from one angle, as it will not be a good thing. If you just take on the notion of hcg drops, and did nothing else, you may see marginal decreases, but it won’t be much. In order to truly see something grand, you are going to have to boost your metabolic rate, look into sprinkling in things that help, and perhaps pursue things in a whole new light. This is not a call for extremes, as many people go that route. Instead, look at completing some things that are going to give you a push in the right direction.

To start on this quest, for instance, think about going with natural food items instead of processed options. Stay away from processed foods, and focus on building the right collateral that is going to deliver nutrients overall. Nutrition is important, and the starting point for weight loss is here. You don’t need to make something extreme here, changes can be small, as long as you’re moving into the right direction overall. Boosting the body’s own limits is a good thing, and it starts with knowing how to eat right and compel your nutritional profile to land benefits over time.

Exercise and Motion

Motion is a good thing. Finding the right plan for you is tough, as everyone has a different type of exercise platform that they enjoy. The key here is to look for something that you like to do and chase it. Most people assume that this means you just get on treadmill and hope for the best. That’s not the case, as there are many forms of exercise that you can chase to get a helping hand with your body’s natural processes. Find something that you like to do and do it at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. If you sprinkle in exercise into your lifestyle changes, you will end up with a huge jump moving forward.

Just remember, the body has a natural fat fighting element known as the metabolic rate. To increase this, you will need to diet, exercise, and then add hcg drops as they’ll boost the enzymes that metabolize fat cells. When you do that, you will get more energy, you’ll see results, and your body’s natural elements are going to get a huge jump. In the end, the goal for your weight loss plan should not be isolated to just one arena, you should have it going forward through a lot of different locales. Test the waters, use the supplements correctly, and say goodbye to fat forever. Test it out, seriously, it works.

Three Simple Techniques to Buying Cheap Golf Equipment

Anyone who has played a round of golf or two will know just how expensive golf equipment can get. In fact, there are people who choose to not push through with playing the game, despite their interest, or outright quit simply because the cost of the equipment can soar to ludicrous amounts.

Some people are even interested in trying it out, but are cautious given the amount of cash that they would have to shell out just to keep on playing. Golf isn’t perceived as a rich man’s sport without a good reason.

However, there are ways to get good equipment if a person really wants to save up on some cash. Looking for relatively affordable equipment won’t be easy, but it will be far from impossible. Below are a few tips for those who are looking to buy golf equipment at a low price.

Looking at the ads on newspapers and magazines

GolfNewspapers and magazines, especially those that deal with gold, are good sources for golf gear at a low price. Sure, browsing through them is not as convenient as it is on the internet, but they are still a resource worth using. After all, some manufacturers and retailers still advertise their wares on printed material, it would be a waste to discount them all.

Asking people for information

Another nice source of information for cheap golf gear would be other people. Golfers have their own secrets. Some of them are willing to share or might have some insight on where someone might get cheap equipment.

The people who know best when it comes to getting good equipment at a low price are some of those golfers who have played the longest. They have a better understanding of the market and when or where a sale might occur. Learning from them is as easy as approaching them and asking.

Those who don’t know anyone who plays golf might as well go online and ask around in the forums where there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to give some advice.

Searching through the internet

The internet is basically a golfer’s dream come true. There are so many different online stores out there on the World Wide Web. The competition in the market is so fierce that these online merchants do whatever they possibly can in order to get a bigger share of the market.

Some offer the lowest prices, others offer other things to sweeten the deal such as free delivery and so forth.

Whatever the case might be, looking for cheap golf equipment on the internet should not be too difficult, even for the average person. All someone has to do is go to a search engine like Google and key in what he’s looking for.

Buying them secondhand

Getting equipment like golf clubs secondhand is not such a bad idea. While it may seem like desperate man’s choice, the truth is that some people actually prefer buying them secondhand. This is because some golfers really like to stay at the bleeding edge of golf technology and often find themselves having to replace some of their equipment even if they are still in good working condition.

The internet has a lot of websites that sell secondhand equipment at an affordable cost. Buying secondhand is probably one of the cheapest ways a person can get the equipment that they want. Don’t worry too much about the quality.

A lot of the websites on the internet have very high standards when it comes to dealing with used golf clubs. Clubs after all are some of the most important pieces of golf equipment a man can invest in, so might as well buy the best ones at the lowest cost.

Movable Cubicle FAQ’s

Today, the latest in redesigning and rearranging a room or space is using cubicles that are movable. A lot of people opt for this because of practical reasons and you should too. To educate you more about the movable cubicle, read through the answers to some frequently asked questions about this amazing innovation.

What is a movable cubicle?

Generally these cubicles are called movable because they are not permanently stuck to the ground so they can be transferred to different places. These cubicles may be in the form of dividers or separators or they can look similar to storage units.

The ones used as dividers are those usually found in offices. They don’t necessarily look like separate rooms but they give each employee his own private space. These dividers separate one office space from the other.

Movable CubicleThe other type of cubicle is that which come in large sizes. These cubicles may be made intobedrooms or a whole floor of rooms. These types of cubicles may require lifting equipment because they are twenty to forty feet big. These cubicles are made of solid steel so they are mostly used outdoors.

How much does it cost?

Prizes for these cubicles vary depending on the size and purpose. There is also a difference on the amount you will pay for if you decide to purchase or rent the cubicle. And you need to take note of shipping fees as well as charges just in case you’ll need a moving company to transport the cubicle.

How does a movable cubicle work?

These moving cubicles have different purposes and they are the following.

• They can be used as dividers or separators. These types of cubicles are the lighter ones because they can be manually moved. Also these are the ones that are often used in offices so that each employee may have his own private space without necessarily building permanent rooms.

• The other type of cubicle is that which can be made into a bedroom, kitchen or living room. This type of cubicle is huge because it may contain furniture in it. People who take advantage of this type of cubicle are those who frequently redesign their homes. Also they areutilized by those who frequently move from one place to another.

Is a movable cubicle heavy?

This depends on the size of the cubicle. It you are using those that are for dividers they do not usually weight too much so you can move them with just your hands. The ones that are twenty to forty feet big are those that need heavy lifting. Most companies offer lifting equipment as part of their service althoughsome might charge extra.

The large cubicles may be heavy but that does not mean they can’t be moved to a different place. These cubicles are usually pulled or carried by a truck.

What if I want it moved somewhere else?

As mentioned earlier, these cubicles can be moved even from one state to another. You will just have to contact the company (where you bought or rented them from) about this matter. There are also moving companies who have the proper equipment to move very large cubicles.

Are they rented out?

Yes, some companies rent out their cubicles. And it is a good idea to take advantage of this service if you will be using the cubicles for just a short span of time.

Does the movable cubicle have a warranty?

This feature depends on two factors. First, the warranty will depend on the company’s terms and conditions. Second, some companies do not give warranties on rented out cubicles.

The large cubicles may be heavy but that does not mean they can’t be moved to a different place. These cubicles are usually pulled or carried by a truck.

Benefits of Hiring a Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer

Do I need a Long Island foreclosure lawyer to handle my foreclosure case? Perhaps, you already asked yourself that question. Many property holders think that hiring an attorney can cost them much money without thinking of what the legal expert can do for them. If you are being threatened of foreclosure, it could be a wise move to keep hold of a skilled foreclosure defense attorney’s counsel immediately. For skilled lawyers visit younglawgroup.org.

Defaulting on mortgage can have severe effects on your family and finances. If your lender filed a foreclosure lawsuit against you, a Long Island foreclosure lawyer is there to protect your legal rights and help you understand the different options you may take to address your current situation. Once a foreclosure action is served to you from your lender, you only have twenty (20) days to respond to it. Your legal defender will guide you in answering any notice from the court.

Long Island foreclosure lawyerHaving a foreclosure lawyer on your side can be very helpful in understanding the law in details. The documentations and paperwork that pertains to your case are often comprised of legal jargon lines that seem so foreign to an everyday individual. An experienced foreclosure defense attorney though has spent years plunged in understanding legal language and paperwork.

Additionally, a Long Island foreclosure attorney can assist you in negotiating better loan modification terms. Such changes may include reduction on the amount that you have to pay monthly and extension of the time you need to pay your mortgage. Depending on how skilled your foreclosure attorney is in making negotiations, you can have the chance of saving your home from being foreclosed by ensuring that you followed what has been agreed with between each party.

If you think you can no longer pay your mortgage for whatever hardships you are going through, you may decide to allow foreclosure to happen. A Long Island foreclosure lawyer can direct you through what is called a “strategic default.” This option is usually chosen by those who think that their property value is less than what they owe on mortgage in the current economy. Others opt for a strategic default due to illness, job loss, layoffs or any other hardships that may be affecting their savings.

Is the “strategic default” process legal? Yes, it is, since any mortgage agreement is not considered to be a contractual commitment to the lender to have the debt repaid if you as a borrower no longer own the house. However, you could be entitled to push through a deficiency judgment that will necessitate you to pay for the resulting debt balance once your home is foreclosed or sold.

If your lender is harassing you, let a Long Island foreclosure lawyer fight for you. An attorney who specializes in foreclosure law can offer you plausible alternatives that could help you better deal with the tension of making payments to your mortgage. Through legal assistance, your defender can explain the consequences and benefits of defaulting on mortgage. He can also suggest a different option like seeing if you may qualify to make a short sale.

Many property holders who are faced with foreclosure are opting to make a short sale in order to get away from their mortgage debt. An experienced foreclosure attorney in Long Island can convince your lender to accept such propositions. Whatever debt relief you may opt for, an attorney’s knowledge of foreclosure law and process will definitely help you achieve your goals.

The aggressive representation of a Long Island foreclosure lawyer and his proficiency in foreclosure law can make certain that your case will receive the best possible success chances against your lender in or out the court.